Field Work

Nothing out of the ordinary all last week. I was out of town in a construction safety course and then a jobsite on Wednesday and Thursday. Friday I had off and spent some time on the tractor working the summer fallow. This is in the back field where I have potatoes planted. We have had some really hot, dry weather lately. I didn't want to work the sandy soil too much and the weeds got away from me. I took care of them though with the Ford N and a Dearborn springtooth cultivator with wide sweeps. The cultivator is 7 feet wide. In 1st gear, the tractor worked well. It would have been nice to be able to move faster in order to kick up the weed roots a little more, but the tractor didn't have the power to pull the cultivator in 2nd gear. The later model 8N's had a 4 speed transmission, I would think that a 4speed would be more useful than 3.