Raking Hay and Hilling Potatoes

Sunday, the 2nd I spent on the tractor again. In the morning I decided that I had to hill the potatoes. I put two middle buster plows on my Dearborn toolbar and adjusted them to fit between the rows. As I drove over, with the row centred down the middle of the tractor, the plows spilled dirt onto the potatoe plant from either side. It worked quite well, I was pleased. The potatoes are just starting to flower now. They are planted in a rather sandy area of our property, The Back Field. I am surprised at how well they are faring in this heat and drought that we are in the middle of. I don't know how much longer they will stand it though. There is a slight chance of rain over the next few days, but still it is going to be very hot with temps. in the high 20's and low 30's.

Once I got the potatoes hilled, I needed to rake the hay. I waited until later in the day when it was at least somewhat cooler. At about 9 pm, I hooked up the rake to the 3pt. hitch and headed out. Several hours later, I was done. The N doesn't have to work too hard to pull the 2 wheel rake...it could easily handle 4 or 5 wheels. The hay was nice and dry and smelled sweet. Good weather for haying. You can see in the picture that I am wearing a breathing mask. I am somewhat allergic to Aalfalfa and a lot allergic to Sweet Clover. The mask helps a great deal when I am dealing with hay.