I spent a few hours mowing over the weekend. I had promised to mow a neighbor's pasture and did that on Saturday. It was cattle grazed and had patches of Canada thistle that needed to be knocked down. On Sunday, I decided to mow around our place since I already had the mower hooked up to the N. The mower is an old unknown brand rough cut mower or "Brush Hog". It has two very heavy hinged blades that rotate at a relatively slow speed compared to a regular lawn mower. These heavy blades plow through anything that the tractor can drive over. Saplings and heavy grass are quite easily handled. I use it to mow our trails along with the meadow by the pond where our Christmas trees are growing. I planted the trees at a distance apart from each other that would allow me to easily drive the tractor between the rows. I have to keep the grass cut around the trees or they will not develop into proper looking Christmas trees. Also, the heavy grass would rob the young tree of sunlight and water and nutrients. In an ideal world, I would fence the area and find an animal that I could trust to not eat the trees as they grazed. This would save on gas and better utlize the wonderful grass that grows down by the pond.
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