New Customers!

We are very proud to be suppliers of organic grains for Prairie Mill Bread Co. This family run bakery is located in the northwest part of Calgary and is set to open their new location in southwest Edmonton in December 08. Their bread is beyond delicious. Check out the link to their website in the "links" section. It is a special feeling of pride knowing that our grain is being used in Prairie Mill breads.

Gold Forest Farms also supplies Treestone Bakery with our certified organic grains. Treestone is located in the Old Strathcona neighborhood of Edmonton. They are true craftspeople who prodce outstanding quality sourdough breads and other treats. We will be working with Treestone to produce heritage varieties of grains for different tastes and textures in the near future.

I really enjoy our deliveries to these two fine companies because I almost always leave with an armfull of fresh organic bread!
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