A quick ski trip!

We decided late last week to take advantage of some nice weather upcoming and we headed for the mountains. The weather was spectacular for this time of year. It was above freezing each day and I think the highest temp we had was plus 6 degrees C. The skiing was fantastic and because we were skiing during the week the crowds were non-existant. At one point in time we were on the back face of the mountain and we could see all the way down the various runs, perhaps a couple miles, and there was not one person in sight. It was like we had the entire ski hill to ourselves. We stayed in Banff, Alberta and we did our skiing at Lake Louise. This is our favorite ski hill. The runs are incredibly long and because of the terrain it is a little more sheltered than other hills. When it is windy in the mountains this is the hill we seek out. Needless to say we had a great trip and we are now wondering why we don't do this more often!

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