What the heck is going on?

Well...where do I start? Not posting in a month with as busy as we are leaves me wondering how to even begin. Firstly, the weather has be horrible. Rain. Rain. Rain. The hay isn't cut yet and we will surely do without a second cut now as it is so late in the season. The house construction has been progressing at a rate of zero because we didn't have blueprints until very recently but now we are finally underway. I received a call from the county that the permit was ready for pickup just now as I was typing! YAAAYYY! Actually, today is the first actual day of the house construction.

So far we have the yard and driveway built, the power lines installed and the garage built. The cows are out in their pasture that is as lush as I have ever seen a pasture around here. Grass over their heads in places! Today was the first time that the gravel truck could get into our property with additional gravel to get rid of the mud around the garage and yard.

We are living in our holiday trailer in the yard battling mud and rain. We are happy though. Actually, it is kind of novel to live in a trailer like that. When we want to go away for the weekend, we literally hook up our home to the truck and drive to a lake or the mountains or wherever. So far we have spent a week in Jasper when our son was in a volleyball camp and last weekend we spent at a nearby lake where we tested our our new-to-us boat...that was a blast.

I will have some additional pictures to show you all soon.