beef is ready

For our customers who bought a share of the steer for 2010 you will be happy to hear that the beef is ready! I will be picking up the beef sometime this week from Cardiff Meat and Sausage, possibly today, and then I will be contacting each of you to arrange to meet for delivery!

I am excited to taste this beef this year. We have been out of beef for some time now and my mouth is watering for the smell and taste of a roast in the slow cooker. There is nothing better than spending the day out working in the cold and coming in the house tired and chilled. To smell the wood stove and feel the warmth hitting me as I take off the insulated coveralls. Then there is the smell of the slow cooker. Comforting and familiar.

Of course for all of the above to happen I need to have a house! Still working on it. Almost finished with the ceiling. We installed pine tongue-and-groove ceiling throughout the house, and in the bathroom...cedar. It looks great. Tomorrow the propane will be installed to the house and perhaps the plumber will have the in-floor heating completed. Right now we have our little wood stove installed but without insulation in the attic and a gaping hole in the ceiling in the mechanical room, it just barely keeps up. We have already purchased the insulation and received a free blower rental from Home Depot with that purchase. Once the ceiling is complete, we can go ahead and blow in the insulation. Then the heat will be rockin in the house.
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