market day!

This morning we will start getting ready for the Alberta Ave. Market. The market opens at 5 so that gives us plenty of time to mill grain this morning and package it up this afternoon. Maybe shouldn't have left it to the last minute, but last night we were having a fun family night playing cards and looking up obscure 80's music videos on Youtube. The kids especially had a laugh when Cindy and I began demonstrating how we used to dance to these very same songs. There has got to be something extremely amusing about 40something people dancing around the kitchen to In A Big Country and Tarzan Boy because there was a lot of laughing going on.

The snow plow finally arrived mid afternoon yesterday. Our driveway is beautiful now...nice and wide. We called the water truck so they will likely be here sometime this morning. We are looking forward to getting our rain water harvest system up and running along with the pond being dug. I don't like relying on people to bring me water...that is not a comfortable feeling. Like our food, we will be doing a lot of work around the farm in the coming years to get as self-sufficient as we possibly can.