bread recipe and comment

I received the nicest email the other day from Sherri, one of our new customers. She is working on some self-sustainable projects for her family including baking and here is what she has to say about our wheat and how she uses it. Enjoy!


I have emailed this to you so that you can put it on your blog wherever you think it should go.  

I have now mastered baking amazing bread with your organic hard red wheat and I have to say that your wheat produces the best bread I have ever tasted!  I have been milling wheat and baking bread for about 3 years and nothing I have made in that time compares to what what I have made with Gold Forest Grains organic red wheat.  The texture, flavour, and "tooth"  of the bread are excellent.  The fragrance of the organic red wheat during milling is unparalleled and the rise is superb.  A gorgeous product in every way.  Thank you!

For those interested, here is the recipe that I use (from a mother of 14!) that is fast and easy, involving only one rise.  It makes 4 large loaves.

5 cups very warm water (120 degrees)
2/3 cup oil (I use canola)
2/3 cup honey or sugar
1 1/2 Tbsp salt
2 large eggs
8 cups freshly milled organic hard red wheat from Gold Forest Grains (+ an additional 4-6 cups to add after initial mixing)
1/4 c yeast

Put ingredients into mixer in order listed including only 8 cups of the flour at first.  Mix until blended well, then slowly add enough of the remaining flour to have the dough begin to pull away from the sides of your mixer bowl.  It should look a bit sticky.  Knead for 14 minutes in mixer.  Immediately shape dough and place into greased pans.  Allow loaves to rise in a barely warm oven.  I use the oven light to just take the chill off the oven.  When loaves have doubled, turn oven on to 320 degrees.  Leave loaves in oven while oven is coming up to temp.  Set timer for approximately 40-45 minutes as soon as you turn your oven on and bake until tops are golden brown and loaves sound hollow when tapped. Remove loaves from pans and allow to cool on cooling racks.  

Thanks once again, John for producing such a fabulous product.  I love Gold Forest Grains Organic Red Wheat and will never go back to what I was using before.


Sherri's recipe is interesting from the standpoint that there are eggs included. It is basically the same recipe that we use along with the methodology minus the eggs. I think I'll try hers though just to see. We always seem to have a lot of eggs in our fridge...good chickens.