city market - spring session!

If you can, I would love to see all of you at the City Market Spring Season! It starts this Saturday, March 12 at City Hall (Edmonton). I believe that the hours are 11-3.

It sounds as though there will be over 60 vendors at this market. I think I also heard that the parking is free? Please don't be mad at me if it isn't, but that is what I heard. The City Market is one of Edmonton's busiest markets with an average of around 18,000 people per day. That is an amazing number if it is accurate. Hopefully at least some of those customers will visit this Saturday and every following Saturday until the middle of May when the regular summer market starts on 104th St.

I know that we are excited about attending this market as a vendor. With the success we've had at Alberta Ave. Market, we are looking forward to doing more business with the City Market.