Seedy Sunday and Beyond the Supermarket

I just had such a great day yesterday. First, I stopped off at Alberta Avenue Community Hall to visit the Seedy Sunday festival. It was wonderful to see so many other people concerned about seed security and food safety. Also, just plain old gardening fun during a period of weather where Spring just doesn't want to arrive.

I made a bee-line over to see Lola Canola first. Patty was giving a talk about planting for pollinators. I couldn't stay to listen. Did anyone get a chance to hear her speak? I am sure it was entertaining and informative.

Next stop was to see Jim Ternier from Prairie Garden Seeds. I admire Jim's work and I've talked to him a few times about heritage grains. This was my first face to face with Jim and we got to chat about Kamut and Red Fife for a few minutes. I managed to buy the last pack of Red Fife and a packet of Medora Durum Wheat. Those were two good scores for my collection.

Jim Ternier from Prairie Garden Seeds

The real reason I was in the area though was to present and attend the Beyond the Supermarket event at the Nina Haggerty Centre for the Arts. This was a cafe style 'tradeshow' where customers and producers could intermingle and exchange ideas and present their businesses. I found it to be a tremendous venue to really connect with potential customers and other producers. I certainly appreciated the chance to be there and say a few words about our farm and heritage grains. It was attended almost to capacity and I suspect that next year the venue will be a little bigger. Still though it was very comfortable and cozy. It was very easy, and encouraged, to eavesdrop on conversations and learn about other businesses providing local food to Edmontonians.

The very best thing about yesterday though was meeting with all of my new friends and customers. I saw a tweet from Super_Su and I sure appreciate her support all the time. All of the conversations are so enjoyable...from talking with people who are planning their new self-sufficient lifestyles to bakers and restaurant professionals to small-holding future was a very good day.