you're killing me!

Whomever is in charge of this weather is looking to get a serious beatdown pretty quick. It is March 23rd for crying out loud.

We have not had a break from winter yet, I mean come on. Snow still accumulating...Ark building continues in preparation for spring flood situation....Beyond frustrating and I don't care but the next person who tries to interrupt my bellyaching by saying something like "well there's nothing you can do about it" is going to get poked in the eye. There IS something I can do about it...I can complain.

For a limited time, I am offering you all a way to feel better too. For very little money, you can comment below and vent all of your frustrations about our Edmonton weather. Come on...I know that there are more of us out there that just want to swear and kick something and complain about a 2 day blowing blizzard at the end of March. People without some form of farmers blood in them need not apply.

25,000 pound tractor 'stuck till it melts'...feeding by hand from now on!
Looking ahead to the long range forecast and I can see plus 9 next week? I'll believe it when I see it.