market update May 19

Starting this weekend we will be outdoors at City Market on 104th Street as well as our usual, albeit temporary, spot at Old Strathcona Farmers Market. This will be our first weekend with two major markets on the same day so I have a lot of milling and packaging to take care of today and tomorrow.
Gretta and I at Old Strathcona Farmers Market

The Old Strathcona Market continues to amaze me with activity and the excitement of the customers. I love this market! Lots of great people with great discussions. We are doing very well at this market and I am enjoying being there very much. The atmosphere of the market every Saturday is contagious.

This Saturday, City Market is outdoors on 104th Street for the first time this year. I have been told how busy this market is and I will get to experience it first hand in two days. I need to go get our new market tent today!