spring work

Very busy trying to get caught up with the spring tillage. Most of the fields were tilled last fall so they are pretty much ready to go for seeding after a quick shallow till with the disc or vibra-chisel and harrows. The home piece though was pasture until yesterday so I spent the entire day breaking the pasture trying to get it ready for seeding. The front part of the pasture was broke several days ago and I've been over it a few passes with the chisel plow and harrows. It takes a lot of work to get sod into seed bed. 

With spring tillage comes break downs. Nothing awful so far this year but the inside dual on the 2+2 developed a leak and I needed Kenny's Tire from Morinville to come out to the farm to help switch some tires around to get me going again. I don't have the $700 to spend on a new tire right now so I just went with a tire swap on the rims and now have single wheels on the front and duals on the back. As I write this though I know that the front tire on the 766 is flat...another few hours getting that fixed...

On a fun note, my son Garreth had his first solo run with the tractor and cultivator! He is 13 now and I was driving tractors and equipment on a limited basis by his age. He did really really well and after some training was doing everything just right. So I had him stop and let me out and he spent the next hour on his own with my close supervision. I trust him in emergency situations, he has a very level head and doesn't seem to ever get flustered. He'll be a great help around the farm in the few years to follow until he heads out to start his own life. I will enjoy our time farming together while it lasts.