farm update - june 24

Finally got around to getting some farmyard work done yesterday. I made a few dump runs with all of the construction garbage that we've had stored in mini-bulk totes since last fall. Dad brought the 766 home yesterday so I was able to put the loader on and use it to load the totes of garbage, move some boulders around and haul some dirt out to our 'island' on the turnaround driveway. There is still loads of work to do as far as landscaping goes, but I got started...and that is good. 

Crops are finally sprouted and slowly growing. Many weeds in the fields though because the weather was so incredibly dry at seeding. Now with all this rain the seeds are sprouting and having to compete with taller grasses and alfalfa weeds. The crops are so late though...really hoping for a late fall. An early killing frost in early September will heavily damage our crops I am afraid. 

I found some time to write this post as the mill is milling some buckwheat. We enjoyed Buckwheat Pancakes this morning...excellent taste! I am almost ready for market tomorrow at Old Strathcona Farmers Market. I just need to mill and mix some pancake mix and finish up the Buckwheat Flour this afternoon and I'm golden. 

Sure hope to see more customers at market tomorrow. It is supposed to be a little miserable outside so it is the perfect day to spend inside this bright and cheery indoor market. I simply love the atmosphere at Old Strathcona...see you there!