flax quenelles recipe!

This is a nice email I received from a customer of ours that I met at market last weekend...Sorry Angel, but I don't know much about egg substitutions...perhaps somebody out there has a suggestion?

Thanks for the recipe Angel!

Hi John & Cindy, makers of amazing grains!!!!
I was just at the market telling John about an amazing recipe I recently discovered.
This recipe was found at a Vipassana meditation retreat, of all places.
The recipe was called Flax Seed Balls, but being a foodie, I prefer to make quenelles!
The measurements are for raisins, Gold Forest Grains Organic Golden Flax seeds and sunflower seeds, measured at a ratio of 1-2-3 respectively.
(I ended up with about 6 cups, which made a HUGE lot of 'em!)
Put these in a bowl with just enough water to cover. Cover bowl and leave on the counter overnight.
The next day you can add cinnamon, vanilla, carob, etc. and then blend until smooth. )I used an immersion blender, worked great.)
Some folks might like to add some maple syrup or other sweetener, as they are mildly sweet.
Roll into balls or make quenelles, roll in flaked  coconut. EAT! (You probably already know this, but, organic flaked coconut is insanely inexpensive at Earth's General Store!)
You can also freeze them, which is what I did, I eat them semi-frozen. SO delicious AND healthy!
Unfrozen they are very soft which may not be a desirable texture to some.
I am going to experiment more with the recipe, I think there are endless possiblilities,  these would make an elegant dessert if they were plated with some berry coulis, whipped cream and a smash of shaved chocolate!
While I have your attention; I went to your blog, but didn't know how to comment there, not too computer savvy moi!
It looks very interesting, will visit more often and check out fellow foodie Kevin Kossowan, as reccomended by John.
FINALLY!- As I mentioned today, I am currently lacto vegetarian, and wonder if you can reccomend a way to make your wonderful pancake mix sans eggs? Do you think I could use coconut or almond milk?
Grazie mille!!