what's different about our flour?

I just wanted to take a moment to briefly discuss our flour products. We are asked often about why our flours taste so wonderful. What do we do differently?

Well, the only thing we do is mill our grains fresh. All other flour products that we are aware of have been processed prior to packaging and shipping. The germ is removed, as that is the part of the grain that spoils quickly once the oils are exposed to the air and a lot of the bran is also removed. Our flour products are 'entire grain' products. Whatever comes out the bottom of the stone mill is what we package. For this reason Gold Forest Grain flours are best kept refrigerated. We mill 'on order' for our customers. This way, the flour is the freshest flour possible. No other flour products in the Edmonton market are as fresh or complete as ours...this is what makes our flour the best in town!

One other factor about us is our grains and the way they are grown. Organic. Heritage species.

How to use our flour products? Because all of our flours are 'entire grain' they will require slightly altered recipes. All of the germ and bran is present in the flour...of course this also means that ALL of the taste is there too! Most professional and experienced bakers tell me that slightly more moisture and a slightly longer kneading time is required when making bread. If you require your flour to be lighter in texture...something that most North Americans are used to you can simply sift our flour. It wasn't long ago that every kitchen had a sifter. Of course, don't throw away all that goodness you've sifted out, use it in another recipe or sprinkle the fresh bran over your cereal. 

Local. Heritage. Fresh. Whole. Good! Simple.

Dear John and Cindy Schneider, 

"I have recently bought a bag of your whole wheat berries, and am very satisfied. When I bought them, I was asked what I would do with them, since I wasn't planning on making flour, and there's lots you can do! If you soak the berries overnight in cool water, they go great in salads, stews, soups, or by themselves as a snack. I haven't tried it yet, but mixing them with fruit and yogurt for breakfast also seems like a great idea. Since I am a recently converted vegetarian, it's great to discover new foods to incorporate in my diet, especially since whole grains have a decent amount of protein in them. Thank you for a great product!"

Kira Dlusskaya