Farm Update - Market Update - Oct. 28

Done with harvest for the year which is a relief. Now though we are busy trying to get some fall tillage done along with baling up the flax straw. I have had to go back to work with my off-farm job so getting all of this done before it snows is going to be touch and go. Today I was busy milling and packaging for Old Strathcona Farmers Market tomorrow and I replaced a bearing on the baler and started baling the flax straw. One problem though, forgot to tighten the bolts on the scraper bar. It came loose and wrecked a bunch of belts. Its tough enough to farm when things go right...doubly tough when you do stupid things. Now I have to spend money on new baler belts and lose a few days baling time. Grrrr. Got a call today from a potential customer wanting pancake mix for Christmas gift baskets. They wanted them in 500g size so that gave me the idea to package smaller bags of pancake mix for the Christmas season. I need to design some new labels for the smaller bags, but that should be easy. I should have the smaller sized pancake mixes sometime in early November. If anyone out there is in the Gift Basket business here is a good item for you. 500g bags of Organic, fresh milled grains, organic baking powder and sugar and sea salt!