Shovel and Fork Food Craft

I sincerely believe that Edmonton has been waiting for this type of thing for many years. How far we've strayed from our heritage of foraging, hunting, trapping, canning, baking and growing. Kids grow up, never leaving the city, not knowing what part of a chicken the egg comes from.

Up until now, it has basically been a survival of the fittest to try to figure out how to brew your own fruit wine or not kill yourself on a mushroom foraging trip. Here to save the day figuratively, and possibly literally, is Kevin Kossowan and Chad Moss et al. Together with other experts in their fields, these guys are sharing their incredible expertise with others. Here you can learn all there is to learn about everything from canning to cutting game birds to drying mushrooms and fire-baking pizza. Awesome!

Here's the link to their amazing website where you can examine all the details. Shovel and Fork