Organic Box - organic foods...delivered

Organic Box is one of our biggest supporters and is a great venue for us smaller, organic farms to distribute our products. Organic Box is a tremendous success story and a proud Edmonton, family-run business. They have consistently expanded in a sustainable way and have grown their team of energetic staff over the years. We love dealing with Organic Box in every imaginable way!

In addition to regular home deliveries within Edmonton, Organic Box also delivers to surrounding Northern Alberta communities. Below is a list of towns and the pickup locations. This is a great way for folks to obtain organic food in areas where an organic food store may not exist.

Morinville and Sturgeon County - Our home town and county!

Saturday pick up only at Highstreet Interiors Inc. 10031-100 Ave, Morinville, AB

Athabasca - Pick up at the Train Station - Sundays (biweekly)

Our farmers daughter in the Spelt field

Peace River

Peaceful Pantry 9911-101 Ave - Wednesdays (biweekly)

Ft. McMurray Two locations for pickup only on Thursdays

Wood Buffalo Food Bank - 10117 King Street

Sangsters Organic Market - 395 Loutit Road

Stony Plain Saturday pickups

Multicultural Heritage Centre, OpportshauserHouse, 5411-51 Street

Cindy on our first seeder and tractor! I miss that outfit.

To find our products on the Organic Box website simply click on the Catalogue then click the Pantry category. Finally, click the Flours & Grains icon. Or...just click the link that I've taken the time to set up for you. lol

There are many options for purchasing quality organic foods, but as always, reading the details about the product will help you make the best choice for you and your family. We hope you'll choose our heirloom, organic, stone-milled, fresh, whole flour and grain products.


John Schneider
Gold Forest Grains Inc.