About Our Flour

Where it all begins...in the certified organic fields of Gold Forest Grains.

The grains we grow, and then mill, are steeped in heritage and tradition. The wheat is antique; Red Fife, Park, Spelt and Einkorn. They taste different, feel different and nurture your body differently. Baking with our flour products takes you back in time to the age of whole, healthful foods. Your baking will have the wonderful, indescribable taste that only your grandparents would recognize.

Along with the heirloom grains we breed, we work extremely hard to take care of our soil. We farm with soil-building organic practices and patiently wait until the crops are ripe enough to harvest. This is a stark contrast to modern agricultural practices of "forcing" crops. The grains we produce are infinitely more flavourful than any other grain or flour product on the market. From time to time, when our own grain stores run low or because of a bad growing year, we will purchase supplementary grains from certified organic friends and neighbours. These grains are mostly Rye and Spelt where we haven't focused our acreage on growing those grains and they are never modern varieties. In any case, we are steadfastly free of "modern wheat" on our farm!

Enhancing that natural heirloom flavour is the way we mill the grains. We use stone mills, slowly grinding an entire kernel of ancient wheat into flour that is smacking with aroma and bursting with flavour.

The other reason our flours are so flavourful is the fact that they are milled in such small batches almost daily. The day before Saturday markets we are busy here on the farm milling grains!

Gold Forest Grains at your service, working hard every day to make your baking stand out in every possible way. 

Organic. Heirloom. Fresh.

100% Organic Entire Grain Flour. Our flour is simple, it contains all of the bran and germ. It is superior in nutrition and flavour. When you enjoy our flour products and mixes, you're getting all the benefits of the entire grain; the essential fibre (the forgotten superfood), B vitamins and trace minerals in the bran and protein and the vital essential oils, vitamin E, vitamin B and phytonutrients in the germ.

Our flour does NOT contain ADDITIVES, PRESERVATIVES,  PESTICIDES,  MODERN WHEAT or  GRAIN VARIETIES, BLEACHING, or DOUGH CONDITIONING AGENTS commonly used in larger commercial flour mills.