Who we are

100% certified organic

All our products have been grown without the use of any chemicals, herbicides or pesticides and is certified organic under the Canadian Organic Regime, by Pro-Cert Organics. We farm using soil-building organic practices and patiently wait until the crops are ripe enough to harvest. This results in a product that has more flavour and nutritional benefits. All of our certified organic products are Non-GMO and are grown with the highest quality and care for the soil.


Ancient and Heritage Grains

We are a modern-wheat free farm, and only grow ancient and heritage varieties. Einkorn, Red fife, Park and Spelt, each has its own history that uniquely makes up some of the foundational agricultural history of our nation, and that of our ancient history as humans. The grains we grow are steeped in heritage and tradition, taste distinctive and nurture your body in a wholesome way. Baking with our flour products takes you back in time to the age of whole, healthful foods. Your baking will have the wonderful, indescribable taste that your grandparents would recognize.


Fresh, stone-milled flour

Our grains are freshly-milled on the farm using a stone mill, which slowly grinds an entire kernel of ancient wheat into whole-grain flour. The primary benefit to grinding flour with a stone mill, as opposed to a commercial steel roller mill, is that the grains are milled at a much lower temperature and retain more nutrients. Another reason our flours are so flavourful is the fact that they are milled in such small batches almost daily on our farm. We grind our flours before deliveries to partner stores and before the market on Saturdays, leaving you with the freshest flour possible.

Fresh, stone-milled flour


100% Whole Grain Flour

The entire kernel of wheat, including the germ, bran and endosperm, are all milled together in our stone mill, leaving you with the healthiest and freshest product possible. Each bag of flour contains essential fibre, B vitamins, trace minerals, protein, vital essential oils, vitamin E and phytonutrients. When commercial millers grind the wheat at a high temperature and sift out the wheat germ and bran, many of these nutrients are lost.


Local Family Farm

When you purchase Gold Forest Grains products, you are buying a product that was grown and milled right outside of Edmonton in Sturgeon County. Gold Forest Grains is located just 10 km north of St. Albert in Sturgeon County, Alberta and is a family-owned and operated farm. The Schneider family descendants have farmed in Sturgeon County since 1884, before the county was a county. You are supporting a local family who has invested its livelihood in providing you with the highest-quality product possible. You can’t get flour that is much more local, or steeped in heritage than the products grown at Gold Forest Grain’s farm.

John and his mother

John and his mother


Contact Us

The absolute best way to get a hold of us is through email. We are so busy farming and living that sometimes phone messages take a back seat. An email is almost always quickly returned from wherever we may be, even out on the combine. goldforestgrains@yahoo.ca